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MoonFigures at ECEE!

ECEE 2014 Ad

That’s right! I’ll be at the Edmonton Expo in September hosting a Sailor Moon Panel! Check out their website at

ECEE will be the largest convention I’ve ever hosted a panel for, so I’m SUPER excited! Join me as I talk about Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary, Sailor Moon Crystal, and the future of Sailor Moon. I’ll share my favourite shops, answer questions, and display some of my…

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Retail price: TBD  Release Date: TBD

More information about BANDAI “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” goods, see our official blog of Tamashii Nations (Japanese Language Only)!

What is a new brand “TAMASHII BUDDIES”?
TAMASHII NATIONS’s extensive character modeling know-how is now completely concentrated into 9cm figures! From Japan to the world, comes a new brand to set the standard of character figure arrangement.

魂バディーズとは、TAMASHII NATONSが誇るキャラクター造形のノウハウを約9cmサイズにすべて集約した新フィギュアシリーズ! 日本発、世界へ広がる新たなキャラクターアレンジのスタンダードです。

Get new detail informations at “TAMASHII BUDDIES” official website!

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